All requests for medication must be received in writing to the surgery, you may complete the order form on our website, send an email to or leave your request in the post box outside the surgery entrance. All requests require at least 48 hours/ 2 business days’ notice allowing time for the doctor to see you request, review your file and issue electronically to your nominated pharmacy.

If requesting by email or letter please always include your name, date of birth, nominated pharmacy and a list of all medication required.

There is a €20.00 fee for private prescriptions.

All patients on long term medication should be reviewed every six to twelve months. A repeat prescription will not be issued to a patient who has not been reviewed in this time frame. If you require a repeat prescription and you are not in a position to attend for a review, please advise this at the time of your request and a discretionary prescription will be issued allowing you time to arrange an appointment with the doctor before a further prescription is required.

If you have a prescription from the hospital and you are a medical card holder your pharmacy will issue you a maximum 7-day supply. You will need to bring a copy of this prescription to the surgery, so the medications are noted on your file and a medical card prescription issued and sent to your nominated pharmacy.