It is always best to think and plan in advance.

Try and explain the main reason for your visit at the beginning of the consultation. If there are a number of problems try to write them down in advance, so you don’t forget. Realistically the doctor can deal with one or two problems in a standard consultation. However, there are times when the doctor cannot deal fully with all your problems, and they may need to arrange a follow-up appointment for you.

If you think the doctor may need to examine or do a procedure, think about what to wear. For example, will they need to take a blood sample? Check your blood pressure? If yes, wear suitable loose or short sleeves for ease.

If attending for an ante-natal appointment or suspected urinary tract infection you will need to provide a fresh urine sample. This can be done on arrival and in advance of your appointment to save time. Sample bottles are available from reception or in each bathroom.