Flu Vaccination & Winter Vaccination

A new vaccination against influenza is produced each year around late September – October. This is currently available in the surgery. You are required to get flu vaccine on an annual basis and it is advised, in particular, for a population in the ‘at risk’ categories - people generally with chronic illnesses, diabetes, children with respiratory conditions, Health Care Workers or people in a healthcare environment. In addition we also would, at this appointment, offer Pneumococcal Vaccinations to people that are in the ‘at risk’ group.

Flu is a highly infectious, acute respiratory illness caused by the influenza virus. It affects people of all ages and there are outbreaks occurring every year usually in the winter time. This is why we call it Seasonal Flu. It is self limiting. People recover in 2 to 7 days. However, it can be severe andcause serious illness and death especially in young people, the elderly and if you've got some underlying medical conditions.  In addition, pregnant women are also found to have increased risk of the complications of the flu.

We offer on the day appointment for the flu vaccine.