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GP Led Fertility Screening

GP Led Fertility

Getting pregnant is not always straight forward. 1 in 6 couples are having difficulty conceiving.
If you are worried or anxious with regards to your fertility or simply want to plan for the future.
Please come to us for an assessment. We aim to provide an early, comprehensive, multidisciplinary
approach to fertility to try and identify couples who need to be referred quickly for intervention.
First appointment

This should take place on day three to day seven of the menstrual cycle.
At this appointment we would take a fertility history and examination of the male and female partner .

In addition we would do a set of bloods inclusive of this is AMH, FSH, LH, TSH, Prolactin. We would also need to do
biomarkers on the male partner at his visit if required to refer for sperm analysis.

Anti mullerian hormone is a blood test that is thought to reflect the remaining egg supply. It’s a test of ovarian
reserve. AMH can be elevated in Polycystic Ovarian syndrome. AMH will be low if ovarian reserve is low for
any reason or if close to menopause.

AMH helps identify potential long term fertility issues so can be very reassuring if this is normal.

TSH blood is the one of the primary regulator of the metabolism and if abnormal can affect every metabolic
process inclusive of sexual and reproductive health. Prolactin is created by the pituitary gland and
has an impact on fertility.

Sperm analysis can be arranged (plus /- dna fragmentation). This costs an additional fee of €100 for sperm
analysis and €250 for dna fragmentation. Other factors can affect fertility for example, lifestyle, past medical
history, anatomical abnormalities, genetic abnormalities, quality of the sperm, and other male factors.

We will also discuss nutrition and lifestyle at this consultation.
Second appointment

This will takes place on day 10 to day 12 of your cycle which includes an ultrasound.
Third appointment

This is an ultrasound appointment and will take place on day 19 of your cycle.

Smear test should be organised, if not done within the past three years. 
Please ensure you bring your CSP ID number or PRSI number to this appointment.
Fourth appointment

This takes place on Day 20-23 of your cycle. This is the blood test checking for ovulation. (progesterone).
We can do the smear test at this appointment if it is due.
Final GP appointment

Phone consultation - we will feed back the results and recommendations will be made at this
point to either fast track or consideration for some other process to aid getting pregnant.

The cost for the above service inclusive of 2 -3 scans is €450