Family Planning & Women’s Health

We provide advice regarding all aspects of family planning including contraception, pre-conception, pregnancy, fertility, menstrual disorders and menopause.

We provide advice, assessment, prescribing and fitting for all types of contraception depending on what suits your needs and lifestyle best.
Contraception types include;

  • The pill (combined/progesterone only/patches/vaginal rings)
  • Injectable (Depo-provera)
  • Implant (Implanon)
  • IUD’s (Mirena/Jaydess/Copper)
  • Emergency contraception (pill/coil)

Smears/Breast check/STI screening
Smear tests, breast examination and sexual health screens are important aspects of health and we provide these services in a comfortable and discrete environment.Comprehensive fertility workup and referral if appropriate.  Referral for sperm analysis and DNA Fragmentation testing.